try our glasses

and experience the incredible
difference for yourself

why should you try our stemware

Put simply, we want you to have the best possible wine-tasting experience. Period.

Because SW is eager to make sure that you get the perfect tasting experience, and that you can do so elegantly and with style, they’ve specifically designed and hand crafted every glass so that you get just that: a perfect wine-tasting experience that brings out all the flavors your wine has to offer.

There’s a lot we could say about why we think SW makes the perfect glasses, but our words are no substitute for you trying one of your favorite wines in an SW glass and experiencing the difference for yourself.
We believe you will be blown away when directly comparing the difference in smell and taste between an SW glass and other glasses.

Give SW glasses a try and be 100% confident in the stemware before joining the next-level of wine tasting.

where can you experience the SW glasses?

We’ve been partnering with local, knowledgeable wine bars that know all about vinified adventures, and who can offer you the perfect setting along with magnificent wines to try SW glasses in person.
New cities are constantly being added for you to try our glasses locally. If your city is not listed yet, please drop us a line suggesting a location, and we will gladly follow up.

If you know of a wine bar that would be interested in becoming a partner, please contact us