the benefits

of our hand-made SW stemware


intensified aromas and more vibrant taste

You enjoy great wines, so why not make sure you get to taste all the divine flavors your wine has to offer?
With perfectly angled sides and a unique surface that only hand-blown crystal glass can offer you, the bowls of our glasses literally grip the aroma molecules and guide them towards your nose, providing you with the wine’s full flavor spectrum.
Numerous sommeliers and winemakers from SW’s home of Austria were involved in developing these glasses in order make sure that you get the best tasting experience possible. Just give them a try and experience the difference for yourself.

artisan, hand-blown craftmanship

Only true masters of their trade have the skill to make SW Glasses, and they handcraft every one of them so that you, our valued customer, can elegantly enjoy your favorite wines in their full potential.
It’s incredible to watch how a skilled craftsman, exposed to the smoldering heat of a furnace, can take a molten ball of glass, an iron blowing tube, and a wooden mold to create the bowl of our glasses, use tongs to draw out the stem in a straight line by hand, and then fire-weld the stem to the base. Afterwards, these masterpieces are slowly cooled to assure their distinct surface.
Hand-blown, lead-free crystal stemware can be made lighter, thinner, and more elastic than its machine-made counterparts.

elegant & functional design

Glamorous, sophisticated and silky smooth to the touch, SW glasses are a pure feast for the senses.
An SW glass on any table or bar setting will provide an elegant and stunning presence. When used, the glass itself will shift into the background as its weight, or rather lack thereof, will make you feel as if you are swirling your wine in mid-air, and the taste-enhancing functionality will bring all your wine’s facets into focus.
Despite the fact that the glasses are light as a feather, they are made to be resilient enough for everyday use.

High quality and durable

Only the highest quality mix of raw materials is used for the SW glasses, and in combination with the controlled, extensive cooling process, our glasses are much thinner and more elastic than machine-made ones. While it is still glass, it is less prone to breakage in many situations due to their elasticity, shape and design.

Dishwasher safe

Do you like hand-washing all of your dishware? Neither do we. That’s why SW hand-blown crystal glassware is completely lead- and plastic-free, so it won’t get cloudy if put in the dishwasher.

Great value and competitive price

Exclusive, taste-enhancing, hand-made luxury stemware that is durable and less prone to breakage at a compelling price point – these are the virtues SW built their glasses on.
Because we know that SW hand-blown glasses cost more than their machine made counterparts, we want you to be 100% convinced of our SW stemware before you make any decision. Not all glasses are created equal, and the shape of a glass has a significant impact on our senses. Think of it as the right tool for the right job
That’s why we partner with local wine aficionados where you can try the glasses for yourself. “Zum Wohl”.