things that are good to know


Are SW glasses dishwasher safe?


Yes, SW glasses are dishwasher safe. We do encourage you to wash them at lower temperature settings and with short to medium washing-cycle settings, or the glasses cycle, if your dishwasher has one. This will ensure the longest possible lifetime of your glasses. Also, depending on if you live in a soft or hard water area, please care for all your glasses accordingly. Use your preferred rinse aid in hard water areas and your preferred rinse aid with special glass corrosion protection in soft water areas. This will help keep your glasses from getting cloudy.

How to hand wash?


If you choose to pamper your glasses by handwashing them, and get lost in thought about your next wine adventure while doing so, wash them with warm, soapy water and rinse them thoroughly to ensure no soap residue remains on the glass. Then polish them with a cloth, see “how to polish” for more detail.

What’s the best way to store wine glasses?


All glasses breathe and absorb scents from their surroundings. Therefore, it’s best to store them in a place that has a relatively neutral scent – e.g. Away from paper or cardboard, scented candles, or from anything that may smell like varnish as these will be absorbed by the glass over time and you will be able to smell these scents in whatever you put into the glasses. Store the glasses upright and be sure to give them a good rinse before use if it’s been a while.

How to polish


When polishing a glass, the most important part is to hold the glass at the bottom of the bowl with one hand and polish the rest of the bowl with the other. Then move on to holding the base and polishing the stem, and lastly to polishing the base (see video). The worst thing you can do for your glass is to hold it by the base with one hand and polish the bowl in a turning manner with the other. With too much force, this can lead to the glass breaking (see video).

Why not hold the glass on the bowl while drinking wine?


Stemmed glasses allow you to put distance between the glass and your hand. Not only does this keep your glass looking nicer by not smudging it with fingerprints (which are annoying when you’re washing your dishes), but it also keeps your hands from warming up the wine in your glass. Furthermore, since our hands all have their own scent – be it from scented hand soap, lotion, work, etc – holding the glass by the stem and further away from your nose will minimize the influence of that scent on your wine.


What’s the return policy?


As per our return policy, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 14 days of receiving your products, simply return them to us in a like-new condition (incl. Packaging and inner boxes) and we will accept it for an exchange or return your payment. In order to start the return process, please go to our support page and select “Product Return” under the dropdown and provide the purchaser’s full name and order number of the product you would like to return in the textbox. Upon processing your case, we will email you your Merchandise Return Authorization which needs to be included in your return shipment.

Where do I have to ship the returns?


Once you have received your Merchandise Return Authorization you can return you ordered products. Please add a printed out version of your Merchandise Return Authorization to your return shipment.
All products for return or exchange need to be sent to the following address:

TPG – The Perfect Glass
Attn. Ginger T.
Alemannenstrasse 49
6830 Rankweil

Please note that the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs (including import duties and customs fees) of the returned or exchanged products.

What to do when you shipment arrives broken?


In case your shipment arrives and one or more glasses were broken during transport, please take a picture of the packaging (if packaging has visual damage) as well as of the damage of the glass(es) and submit and email to support@theperfect.glass within 3 days of receiving the goods. After assessing your claim we will reimburse you for the costs of the damaged goods.

How can I track my shipment?


Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping email from us that will include a tracking number.

How long will my order take to arrive?


We ship from the heart of the Alps in Austria. Our standard shipping method will deliver your order within 3-5 business days.

Are there any import duties I have to pay?


No. All our prices and shipping options include import duties for your peace of mind.

What’s the warranty policy?


All the SW glasses offered are carefully hand-crafted by masters of their trade and we warrant them to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship for six months from the day they ship.

Our warranty policy does not cover damages from impacts (e.g. Dropping your glass, or twisting of the stem while polishing -> see our polishing guide on how to do it right) or abuse (e.g. Vigorous toasting), regardless of the force applied. If your shipment arrives defective or damage, or if you want to make a warranty claim, please contact us under support@theperfect.glass for the quickest resolution. Warranty claims are only valid with the order number and matching email address.
If you have any concerns/questions please drop us a line with our contact from the support page.


What’s the difference between machine-made glasses and SW hand-blown glasses?


Machine-made glasses are just as the name implies, made by a soulless machine. No trained craftsman has ever laid a finger on those glasses, and they are thicker and heavier than their handcrafted SW counterparts. The elegant and lightweight SW glasses were created to let you focus on your wine experience as the glass gently fades into the background.
Machine-made glasses have more tension in the material due to the difference while cooling the hot glass during production. Therefore, machine-made glasses require extra thick glass, as they would otherwise be prone to shattering. These stronger tensions in the material of the machine-made glasses are also responsible for producing a higher-pitched sound when toasting. However, the most important difference, which is also largely rooted in the cooling of the material during production, is the one regarding taste. Our SW hand-blown glasses have a different glass surface than machine-made glasses, which aren’t able to embrace a wine’s aroma molecules as much, resulting in the noticeable difference in smell and taste.

Why are SW hand-blown glasses higher in price than regular machine-made glasses?


Because only a handful of masters of their trade, skilled enough after years and years of practice, can hand-craft these beautiful glasses one piece at a time so that you, our valued customer, can enjoy your favorite wine to its full potential. Therefore the daily production output is a tiny fraction of what a machine can do and this results in higher costs. However, if you as a wine lover ever felt the elegant lightness of your SW glasses and experienced the taste-benefits they provide you will soon realize that they are well worth the investment.

Why do my SW hand-blown glasses sound less high pitched when toasting?


The short answer: because SW glasses have less tension in the glass than machine-made glasses which results in a more elastic glass and less of an ability to transfer sound waves.

The more in-depth answer: during the production process, SW hand-blown glasses undergo a special cooling process giving them their signature smell- and taste-enhancing surface and shape, while giving the glass more elasticity in the process. Elasticity is what keeps the glass from breaking easily, despite the glass’s thin walls.
The glass’s elasticity is also what keeps the sound waves (when toasting with two glasses) from traveling as easily within the material and therefore, our hand-blown glasses have a lower-pitched sound when toasting.

However, we believe it’s more important for the glasses to enhance the taste of the wine rather than creating a nice sound when you toast, but you be the judge of what’s more important to you.

Why do SW glasses have a slightly larger base?


Most glasses have a smaller base to the bowl width ratio. SW glasses were designed to have a larger base in comparison because it makes them more stable and less likely to get knocked over. And who likes spilling their fine wines ;-)

Are SW glasses free of lead and plastics?


Yes, our SW glasses are completely free of plastics and lead. However our glasses have a proprietary blend of the highest material-quality that makes them more resilient, gives them a beautiful shine, makes them dishwasher safe.